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We’re always seeking.

Happiness writ large.

But we never stop to ask what or who it is that’s seeking.

One day we might recognise if we explore that realm that’s there nothing to pursue — not even enlightenment.

If I can point to anything it’s simply your experience of life; and I suggest you not only question why you’re obsessed with your thoughts, but, more particularly, how you think you can programme them a different way.

Also recognise that what you’ve been told to believe apropos the labels for things that are in constant motion is a more than a cosmic joke. It’s plain daft.

Add all this together, and all you can then say is that

…it’s all a mystery.

Happy days.



“Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires.”
― Lao Tzu

I struggle to make my point. Undoubtedly, I make things too complex.

Perhaps this is why I’m attracted to Charles Bukowski.

But it goes beyond words.

The thing is, we’re swimming in an ocean of complexity, and we think, stupidly, we’re better off.


I can say from 50 years of living that having less (of everything) is more liberating than any other regime I’ve experienced.

If we must waste our life looking for an answer, then so be it. Personally, it’s easy — but bloody hard; namely, let simplicity be your north star.

And (then) see where that takes you.